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Contemporary Renovations

Modern homes consist of clean lines and design elements that accentuate the geometric shapes of the structure. We work with established designers to provide the latest aspects of home styles and construction methods to create the contemporary reno of your dreams.

Each home is as unique as one another. We carefully consider all existing conditions to consult you on the best renovation paths forward for both you and your home. At Bavahaus, we build timeless designs to last.

Condos & Apartments

Bring your condo out of the past and into the present. Create space in the kitchen and living room or revamp an outdated bathroom into your own personal haven. Design, lighting, modern technology and accessibility all start with good planning and here at Bavahaus, we take pride in the completion of successful projects.

We schedule building materials and our qualified subtrades to keep all aspects of the build streamlined and moving forward with you and your neighbours in mind.

Heritage & Character Home Renovations

Our team has worked on Vancouver heritage and character homes from Strathcona to Shaughnessy.

Our goal in these renovation and restoration projects is to maintain the structure’s longevity and livability. We combine our understanding of modern design with the methods and materials of older homes to help start a new chapter in the structure’s story.

We’re proud to build on an old home in what is essentially a collaborative project with many strangers over many decades. We preserve the heritage feel while upgrading bathrooms, kitchens, and living areas to modern design tastes and energy goals.

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